The radio-enabled smart case that keeps you connected with what matters most, BiKN for iPhone

Dear All, I know everyone is striving for Excellency, if you have iPhone then you have to fanatical about its new features, app and etc etc. “Made for iPhone” accessory was just announced for the market, it’s the Radio-Enabled BiKN Smartphone case for the iPhone. The announcement was made by the manufacturer, Treehouse Labs which claims that the BiKN for iPhone is a revolutionary, radio-enabled smart case that is driven by the myBiKN app and clip-on tags which ensures that users can always stay connected and be able to find information when they need it the most.

The BiKN features an elegant design that fits to the curve of the Smartphone, it comes in the color options of black or bright-white gloss and pair with one of six soft-touches, snap-on matte color highlights. The BiKN iPhone case (pronounced “beacon”) also features the unique BiKN technology which allows the user to find tagged items as well as use tagged items to find the device as well, whether the battery is dead or in sleep mode, I know if it is than we have to thanks BiKN tags.
The BiKN tag features a slot that makes it easy to attach on anything such as your key chain, backpack or belt loop. You can configure up to 8 tags with the myBiKN app creating a virtual network for your most important stuff. The electronic-enabled base slides into the color piece accessing the iPhone 30-pin connector; it has a cut-out for the micro USB port allowing the user to charge their iPhone while in the BiKN smart case. 

All that sounds fascinating - we just wish we knew the price. We’ll update you when more information becomes available, but in the meantime take a look at the technical details below and let us know what do you think about the BiKN smart case: do you need one?
  • Made-for-iPhone-certified
  • Functions as a wireless technology gateway
  • Interfaces with WiFi, cellular & Bluetooth easily gathering 802.15.4 data
  • Measures distances accurately regardless of signal strength (NXP Time of Flight Technology)
  • Supports ZigBee, RF4CE and proprietary 802.15.4 protocols
  • Supports industry standard software stacks— ZigBee PRO SE (Smart Energy, HA (Home Automation), Medical Profile and RF4CE
  • Includes embedded 32-bit NXP JN5148 micro controller - 128 KB of RAM and 4 MB of flash memory
  • Powered by independent, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries
  • 300mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery allows the case to collect data while the phone is asleep or off; does not affect iPhone battery life
  • Simultaneous syncs & charges case + iPhone through micro-USB port
  • Piezo alarm sounds even if the iPhone is off or dead  

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ZigBee RF4CE is the leading standard for smart energy networks, home automation, sensor networks, health care, and many other exciting applications.

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