Samsung Galaxy S-III – Rumors to Launch in April 2012

Samsung has not launched its next flagship product at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona; ends up with the right decision at right time. The fact is that this all doesn’t reduce our anticipation about when Samsung Galaxy S-III will show its little pretty edge-to-edge face.

Well, some of the rumored specs stated at TechCrunch are given below

CPU: Quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU running at 1.5 GHz
DISPLAY: 4.8 inch 16x9 Blu-ray display
CAMERA: 8MP at the back
RADIO: 4G LTE radio
EXTERIOR: Ceramic made case

The best part about the exterior, we are likely to see is “Ceramics made Exterior”. In the world of Plastic & Aluminum, it will become a revolutionary move. Ceramic, mostly consist of baked mud, therefore it is more durable and environment friendly. Moreover, due to its Ceramic Exterior it has protected itself from Apple copied claim.

S III is likely to be launched simultaneously in over 50 major markets, providing a wide range access to the product at the same time.



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