The Egg Shaped Car Concept from Citroen EGGO

The Citroen EGGO is a breath of fresh air in a world full of hot-rod speedster concepts. The electric coupe is powered by 4 motors built in to each wheel that can be supplemented with power from a solar panel roof.

All curves and curves, this model display a pocket size (2.45 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 1.79 meters high) that will fade over a rival. But the novelty does not stop there: its four engines embedded in the wheels will work with solar energy recovered by a battalion of sensors located discreetly on the roof. Environmentally, the formula also ensures the vehicle's autonomy.

Citro├źn EGGO has amazing glass surface spread over the doors and roof. Adequate to turn this concept car two-seater into a cozy insulate also stylish.

The egg shaped provides a compact, strong structure & glass; scissor-style doors ensure total visibility of the area around the vehicle. ATV-like suspension makes for a comfy, adjustable, & weather-ready driving experience. Perfect for the hot soccer mom of the future!



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