SpellTower an iPhone Game

SpellTower is an iOS game, the founder of this game is Mr. Zach Gage, made this game, he created it with in 13 days. The SpellTower is like Boggle Tetris games.

How to play this game, SpellTower is a stack if letters that can each disappear if you thread them into words.You should keeps shoving new rows of letters in from the bottom, requiring you to spell letters out of existence before any part of the stack of them reaches the top.

Zach Gage released a short preview video of an all-new competitive multiplayer game mode for his Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning word title SpellTower. This multiplayer mode, which will work over Bluetooth and will be delivered in an imminent update, will allow you to compete with other iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users.

The SpellTower cost [$1.99], the clever iOS word game from Zach Gage.

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App Store Link: SpellTower, $1.99 



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