AOC’s 22 inch LED monitor just for $119.99

Smart and efficient monitors ,with a very reasonable price, are not dream now. An AOC product model “AOC e2243Fw” is available in market for sale in just $ 119.99. Another $9 or so may be added in shape of shipping cost but that’s still can be called killer price. These type of futuristic design, normally, not found at this price level.

LED technology is used in AOC products that produce a brighter display with low power consumption as well as longer lifetime, as compared to traditional LCD monitors.

A resolution of 1920 x 1080 has been offered in e2243w (i.e. 1080p), with an aspect ratio of 16:9. A pair of inputs DVI & VGA are available as well. This product is only suitable for performing PC job, as due to its structure and technology it is not perfect for gaming console and Blu-ray player. But still it has been given nice appreciation from CNET in these words
“unique aesthetic, very good entertainment performance, and appealing low price.”

Bottom line: if you are looking for an artistic and high-resolution panel with unbelievable low price, then no more search required.



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