Chaos Rings (Mobile Video Game)

Chaos Rings is conceivably the quadrangle Enix role-playing game for which iPhone owners have been waiting. The iPhone finally has its own full-blown Square Enix RPG that actually reaches the heights of a Final Fantasy or Chromo Trigger. Chaos Rings offers an impressive storyline and deep game play, and if you have any interest in deep role playing, this game should be at the top of your wish list for iPhone.
The game begins with a solar eclipse that whisks away five couples to a mysterious place called the Ark Arena. A monstrous, robotic "agent" character gives them clear instructions: They are to fight to the death, only within the arena, and a refusal to fight is grounds for immediate disqualification (also, death). The winning couple receives immortality and eternal youth.

Chaos Rings handily manages many of the swindle aspects of a hardcore Japanese RPG. You quickly gain the ability to turn off random encounters, for example, so you can opt to fight only when you actually want to level up. A meter in the corner of every battle tells you which side has the advantage, so you know when to run and when to attack. 

Chaos Rings' complex game play has lots of depth. As you beat enemies, you gain access to their genes abilities that include spells and passive attributes. You can equip three of these genes at a time, and part of the fun is figuring out which genes you'll need for the battles ahead. For example, a crocodile gene can give you tough skin and the ability to cast water-based attacks.



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