GTA III for iPhone

GTA III is a 3D Open-World Action game set in a fantasy conurbation known as Liberty City, which is based on New York City, There's a certain innovation to playing a game on a mobile; it’s as clever and action-packed as ever, but it's hampered by touch-screen controls that sap the fun out of your on-the-go crime sprees, so you're likely to be as frustrated as you are enamored with the beautiful mobile version of Liberty City.

The visuals are much better. Whether you're running the game on an iPhone 4, 4S, or iPad, the game runs admirably, with soggy visuals and gear of detail, along with a smooth frame rate. The visuals still look impressive. A lot of that comes down to the little details that make you feel like a small part of a larger world--the taxi drivers picking up passengers, the cops patrolling the streets, the hookers on the prowl for their next clients. To see such levels of detail running on a phone is very impressive.

You need to play through certain missions to unlock other sections of the city or new items, such as guns and vehicles, but because this is an open-world game, you can choose to ignore them and simply use Liberty City as your destructive playground. How about take hold of a rocket launcher and watching stuff burn? Or maybe you're just in the mood for a quiet drive through the city, watching its many citizens go about their daily business as you listen to the excellent radio? It's all yours for the taking and it's a hell of a lot of fun. It can be even more fun when the fuzz gets involved. Outrunning the cops or reveling in a five-star wanted rating and watching an ever-increasing squadron of tanks and helicopters attempt to chase you down is immensely satisfying.

The city has open missions that take on tasks for a criminal gang. These include performing simple; bring mission, stakeout opponent gang members in a car, and assassinating rival. There’s a huge variety of missions on offer, with excellent narrative and voice acting that's as much about love and romance as it is a granular crime drama. You won't be working for just one gang, either. Multiple crime bosses seek out your skills as you progress, and you can complete their tasks in whichever order you please, giving you a host of options. The story does a fine job of keeping the disparate missions tied together, with your job as a gun-for-hire giving you an inside look at how each gang operates and the mounting tensions between them.



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