Infinity Blade II (Mobile Video Game)

 It's a game that plays to the platform's strengths; there's no battle so long that you can't finish it on a bus, and no heavy touch-screen analogue sticks to get in the way of the action. 
There's an old Kingdom axiom that says, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." In the case of Infinity Blade II, it's not so much a dish as an all-you-can-eat buffet of revenge-fuelled sword combat, dressed with some of the most beautiful visuals to grace an iOS game.

It takes just a few swipes of your finger to execute brutal slashes and stabs, all with a precision and intuitiveness infrequently seen in games played with a traditional controller. Role-playing game elements and an imposing sense of scale combine with the excellent combat to create a beautiful, compelling experience that's a shining example of how to make a superb iOS game.

Your opponents have a number of tells that aid you in identifying their next attack. Sword swipes might be preceded by a long swing, while long run-ups conduct in punches and kicks. If you're faced with a sword attack, your best option is to parry it by swiping in the direction of your opponent's swing. Kicks and punches are best avoided with dodges by pushing to the left or right of the screen, while blocks work as a last resort when you have failed to anticipate a move and need to defend a follow-up combo. Successfully defend yourself, and you can unleash an attack of your own.



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