iPhone 5 – Battery Life (Facts & Tips)

Stunning sleek design of the iPhone 5 create of everyone loves for it but now some peoples start complaining about dips in its battery life.
The tests have shown that the battery life of the latest iPhone 5 has become shorter while browsing the internet. It has been also found that the battery of latest iPhone 5 lasts for up to two hours longer than the battery in the iPhone 4S.
The tests has been conducted of both phones used in exactly the same way and get results that the latest model which is iPhone 5 consumes its battery 8 eight minutes less than the iPhone 4S. The latest iPhone 5 was running out of power after three hours and 20 minutes of constant web browsing.

Above-average as compared to other smart phones and found that the new iPhone 5 has beaten by Samsung’s rival Smartphone Galaxy S3, which lasted more than six hours in the same battery life tests.

According to statement of manufacturer rep “we have tested iPhone 5 in true-life conditions, with screen brightness set to maximum and with medium reception levels. Signal strength can have a serious impact on battery life, so we even broadcast our own 3G signal to ensure that the strength is consistent and that every phone is tested in exactly the same way.”
Above all true facts about battery life of iPhone 5 has been approved that some drawback of battery life of iPhone 5 but when iOS 6 came out, Apple fans not wasted there  time to complaining about battery life. If you have recently upgraded your iPhone to ios 6, we have got some tips to enhance the duration of battery life.
The first thing you have to do with your iPhone that dim the display a bit. Now the iPhone 5 display is the brightest, so you have quite a bit of wiggle room. Head to Settings>Brightness>Wallpaper, as this is the place to choose brightness. If you lower the brightness, you’ll probably get a whole day out of your iPhone 5 – don’t forget you now have a larger screen. Turning off auto-brightness and dimming as much as possible worked the best, although outdoor viewing was difficult.

Another handy tip is to keep all your apps updated. Older apps might not be as efficient, and now iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 are out, most developers will be optimizing their existing apps.

The iPhone 5 is great at multi-tasking, but open apps drain that battery, especially if they involve GPS. If you’re vigilant about turning unused apps off, you can save battery. Just hold down the home button until you see the multi-tasking bar pop up. Hold down the app you need to close and it will jiggle – choose the close icon. If you wanted to do this with all the apps you need to close, you’ll be saving quite a bit. When you’re done, press the home button again.

Turning on the auto-lock function of the iPhone 5 is a good idea, too, as the handset will turn off after the set time.

Last but not least, turn off radios if you’re not using them, as well as Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. Go to Settings to do this. While the iPhone 5 is clever at switching from WiFi to 3G depending on your location, leaving them all on does in fact drain your iPhone 5.



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