Samsung Pocket Cam HMX-W300 Rugged Pocket Camcorder

Samsung just made shooting high definition videos a little bit easier with the announcement of the Pocket Cam HMX-W300. It is a rugged HD Pocket camcorder that will handle harsh conditions including water splash and bumps. The Pocket Cam HMX-W300 is mufti-proof which means it will survive under water up to 16.4 feet, it can withstand drops up to 6.5 feet and it is also dust proof.

in addition to being waterproof, the HMX-W300 has an Auto Aqua mode which allows the user to recording videos in up to 3 meters of water. Specification-wise, the HD camcorder is equipped with a 5-Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor which records Full HD 1920x1080p videos at 30fps and will capture still images up to 5.5 Megapixel quality.

Other specs of the cam includes, a fixed focus lens, 3x digital zoom, Digital Image Stabilization for blur-free image and video recording, it has a function that allows the user to pause while recording to create continuous file for easy uploading to social networking sites. There’s a 2.3-inch LCD screen, it has built-in USB connector for charging the device via a wall outlet for PC connection, it has built-in Intel-Studio editing software to edit and share images and videos and an HDMI port to stream recorded video to a larger screen.

The Pocket Cam HMX-W300 will be available in the colors of black, red and orange for the price of $159.99 per unit.



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