Touch Display, MacBook Pro Concept Gets Crazy Pivot Design

As we know today’s famous Apple product Apple iPad, but the iPad really isn’t a true touch screen as concern as the Mac Book family, because it doesn't have a real notebook keyboard or real desktop operating system. With these qualities now Mac Book Touch ultimately visible. That could change with the so-called Mac Book Touch.
Yes, the name has risen to the surface once more in the form of an unofficial concept. This is not at all endorsed by Cupertino, but it could speak to the future of what Apple has in store. Basically, the designer has created what looks like a Mac Book Pro (or even a Mac Book Air), but has outfitted it with a touch screen display and one crazy pivot.

The pivot can work like normal, allowing you to have the regular laptop experience, but the whole thing can fold over onto itself to give you just the straight tablet experience. The weird thing is that would mean your keyboard is now pressed up against the surface of your desk. That’s probably not such a good thing. The hinge can also go half-way, effectively turning your keyboard into a kickstand for the iPad touch screen.

It’s a neat idea and you have to give credit to the Apple-level polish of the artificial ad video below, but I don’t think Apple is going to release something like this any time soon. We might just have to settle for Retina Displays in the meantime.



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