iPhone 5 Rumor with rubber bezel, aluminum back?

Do you like to upgrading to the iPhone 4S, thinking the iPhone 5 might arrive early next summer? Or maybe you did problem an iPhone 4S, and are biting your nails in fear that a better iPhone will be launched mere months after you signed a new two-year contract? Those fears may be dispelled, as an alleged leak has Apple releasing a completely redesigned iPhone next fall.

According to the report, new iPhone will have a rubber or plastic bezel, which will connect the glass front to a new aluminum back. The bezel material will be similar to that of Apple’s bumper iPhone 4and iPhone 4S cases. The rubber or plastic will also cover a redesigned antenna system that would let the device have aluminum back without needing that black plastic strip that you see on the back of the 3G iPad.

As for the reported Fall release, that would establish the Fall as the new slot for iPhone releases. For the first four generations of the iPhone, the device was announced and released in June or July (the lone exception was the original iPhone’s early 2007 pre-release announcement). The iPhone 4S broke that pattern with its October, 2011 announcement and release. The fall slot for iPhone releases makes sense, as a) the cannibalized iPod line doesn’t need that slot anymore, and b) it would be just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy.



It will be possible that, but I think we should avoid these entire rumor because Apple has not released any information about iPhone 5 Features or any pricing details.

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