New App Stamped:For iPhone Sharing What You Like Best

Stamped a new app released today, which allow you to recommend sttuff you like the best. This could be a burrito joint, a new book, music and more. Stamping means giving it your stamp of approval. There is no kinda, sorta when stamping. your effectively saying, this is the bee knees. When you download Stamped, you create your own profile and then customize your very own Stamp. You also add your pictures.

Stamps can be posted to other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. If you find a reliable stamper, then not unlike Twitter, you can follow people. Stamped also offers integration with other services like Opentable, Amazon, Fandango and iTunes. You can make reservations, buy books, get movie tickets, and download songs, all through the app.

Interesting app and one that would work nicely on a local level. Who doesn’t like a good burrito joint? Stamped may very well help you find one.



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