Nook Tablet Swift Review

The Nook Tablet has been in seller market now for US$249 and is being transformed from color screen e-reader to amazing Android tablet, it is said that Nook Tablet will beat the competition for this Christmas season for other competitors because of its price and wide content selection. 

Time has now started to count if this product benefits $50 premium over Amazon’s device, By the way it is designed by Yves Behar from fuesproject and the only major change to its body are a lighter color—a Metallic Silver to color’s Dark Gray to make it more grip able and also inspite of some revamped innards, the company managed to shed a little more than an ounce on the reader, knocking it down to 14.1 ounces—400grams—half an ounce less than the Fire.
Kindle Fire as being its chief competitor looks the BlackBerry PlayBook style as Nook Tablet is distinctive design in market filled with iPad lookailes. The best distinctive feature, is the little carabiner loop that juts out from the bottom left corner of the reader, a design decision largely to set the device apart from other tablets according to B&N, and to offer some protection for the slot that lies on the other side.
The Nook tablet measures 8.1 x 5.0 x 0.48 inches, which makes it slightly larger than the Fire in every respect, and obviously in height. The Nook is tall for a seven-inch tablet. This is thanks, in part, to its sizable plastic outer bezel, as well as a bar below the screen that houses the home button, which is better defined here than on the Color. The black bar is flush with the display this time out and at first glance appears larger than the one on the Color. Still, once you turn on the Color, you'll notice a black bar lining the bottom of the screen, which effectively cancels out the benefit of having a narrower bezel.

Nook Tablet have two large Volume Buttons on top left side and Power Button on right side, with Four Physical Buttons in all – which means it has Three More than the Fire’s Solitary Power Button, giving easy access brings pain free when touch screen acts up.
 It have headphone jack located along the top of slate with a micro-USB port positioned at the center of the bottom, flip the device over, and you’ll see a small speaker grill. Nook Tablet have a back tiny bit thicker than Fire- there is a silver strip reading nook microSD slot at the bottom.

In spite the flashy multimedia capabilities present, Nook Tablet is reading device with pages monopolized entirely by text which is missing in Kindle’s default layout—you can manually click “Go to Page” as clicking on the numbers brings up a slider for adjusting your place in the book. Menu have large number of options for looking at the page. 
Browsing in Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire have distinctions as Nook does better job with images when loading pages vs Kindle a bit more equipped to handle text but the most clear performance distinction between the two is when playing video. The Nook’s Video playback handles motion far more gracefully than the choppy Fire and Nook Table definitely wins that round.
Connectivity-wise, we're talking WiFi. As with the Fire, there's no 3G option here, and if the Color is any indication, don't expect to see one any time soon. The Nook maintained a WiFi connection fairly well, even managing in some places where the Fire failed. The company is also taking advantage of its brick and mortar presence to offer up free in-store WiFi on the Tablet, as with its other Nook brethren. As far as Bluetooth goes, however, you're gonna have to look elsewhere.

Nook Tablet’s Battery will last 8:20 eight hours and twenty minutes on a charge which is not quite up to 9 hours as promised by the company but it still win when compared with Kindle Fire’s Seven hours and 42 minutes.



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