Careful, Don’t Get Scammed when Selling your iPhone

A recent CNET review warns customers to stay away from CashForiPhones, as this company specialised in the iPhone trade-in is one of the online scammers. Many of the CashForiPhones customers complained that they received an initial offer, very enticing, and after they sent their iPhone, a company representative called them to offer a much lower price.

The discontent clients who refused to agree with the smaller price found out that CashForiPhones would not release their iPhones for a long amount of time. Moreover, CashForiPhones representatives stall and pressure clients to receive prices sometimes less than half the initial quote.

On the American market, 30 to 50 new online retailers specialised in trade-in electronic devices, appeared only this year. Some of them target on unsuspected customers who try to make a quick sale for the highest advertised price. Interested customers, should however, follow a few steps to avoid falling into a hustler’s trap.

Firstly, a solid reputation is an indication of a low risk for customers. For companies that build their reputation on customers’ satisfaction and healthy business it is important not to cheat customers that send them expensive devices and ask for a fair evaluation. In addition, retailers like Nextworth and Gazelle work also for big clients like, Office Depot or Target, which further increase their reputation.

Interested clients are also advised to rely on friends’ experience and to do a thorough research before they decide to send their devices into the unknown. In addition, customers have to make sure before the deal is done that nothing will go wrong, and they have to ask a lot of questions. Before sending the device, customers should always take pictures. And, obviously, if a deal sounds far too good to be true, it probably should raise suspicion.



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