iPhone 5 Release Date – Will 2012 Show Up

According to speculation, iPhone 5 launch date will be none other than in year 2012. This question is certainly puzzling in people’s mind yet people are not completely out of the iPhone 4S features. After the official announcement of the iPhone 4S features like fabulous 8 MP camera with stunning teardrop shaped aluminum body in the last Apple event by new CEO Tim Cook, crazy fans are just waiting for the iPhone 5 release date only.

In the market, a massive amount of the rumors are wandering among the people. Well, it clearly seems that the iPhone 5 launch date will take one year at least. Some rumors also states that Apple may launch iPhone 5 beyond January, unless the iPhone 4S doesn’t sell. The good thing is Apple lovers have not lost their hope behind iPhone 5 release… after the release of the iPhone 4S as it’s not going to take a long.



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