Velocity Micro Shine 720p HD Pocket Projector

Velocity introduced at the CES 2012 its Shine, a HD pocket projector capable of 720p. The Velocity Shine is an affordable pocket-sized projector that is based on DLP display technology and has the ability to project images with a WXGA 1280×768 resolution.

The pocket device measures just 4-inch on its longest side and weighs just 9oz, meaning its perfect for the business traveler who needs to make presentations away from the office.
It also comes with a few features including a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 300 lumens of brightness with LED RGB illumination plus it is also 3D ready. Other specifications includes a mini HDMI input, USB port, audio input, a throw ratio of 1.4:1 for creating large images in a small room and stereo audio output.

It also features a built-in media playback function that allows the users to make presentations or share content including images, videos and document files without the need for a PC.



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