Samsung White Galaxy-Nexus

Galaxy Nexus announced yesterday! The bezel along the front remains black-but hey,beggars can't be picky, right? Retailer Clove says yesterday’s images were in fact shameless mock-ups and not official images. So this is the real, slightly more pleasant thing, which shows that Samsung is keeping the front of the white Nexus.

We knew a snowed-out version of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus was on pace for a February release, and while we've still got a few weeks left, it looks as if one or two have slipped through the cracks.

With all the white versions of Samsung’s various Galaxy handsets seen lately, a white Galaxy Nexus was probably expected. And here it is, appearing over in the UK, where retailer MobileFun says it should be released on February 6. For now, only a 16GB edition of the white Galaxy Nexus exists, and it costs £519.95 in the UK (the black one is a bit cheaper: £509.95). Update: Clove is asking only £498 for the white Nexus.




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