India has launched the cheapest tablet of the world, just for 26 Euros

India has launched a new 'tablet', which he described as the cheapest in the world. This tablet will be sold to students at a subsidized price of 35 dollars (26.2 euros) in order to expand digital access to the Asian giant lags behind China and Brazil in connectivity.

The Indian government is buying the first units of the device, called Aakash, which means sky in Hindi, for 50 dollars (37.5 euros) each to the British company that is assembling the devices in India, initially be delivered to students on a free in a pilot test of 100,000 units. "The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and ordinary citizens have been excluded. Aakash end the digital divide," said Telecommunications Minister Kapil Sibal and Education.
DataWind, the small company based in the UK that has developed the 'tablet', said the price would fall when mass production begins. After initial delivery charge, the government will sell next year to students for $ 35. A retail version of the product is sold in Indian stores for about $ 60 (45 euros). The launch last week of Amazon Kindle Fire rocked the global market for tablets, with a price of $ 199 which is a serious threat to the Apple iPad.



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