Now Macro Photos are possible with Mobile Phones

In the new era of technology, we are always been listening to the newest and latest technologies daily. Not only things gets smarter but also cheaper day by day. After the efforts of many years It is now possible to take high quality pictures with mobile phones. Recently, a new invention called “Easy Macro Cell Lens Band” has also made it possible to capture high quality macro pictures with mobile phones.

If you are a photographer and don’t want to put a bulky lens attachment in your pocket then you have to buy this "Easy Macro Cell Lens Band" from market. The “Easy Macro Cell Lens Band” is amazingly low-tech, that can fits to any kind of smartphone. It is consist of two things, a little single macro lense and a bright blue rubber band/strap.

The only thing you have to worry about for this product is the durability of strap but if you lose it accidently, a $15 price tag shouldn’t make too much trouble to your pocket. If you are a crack-photographer then it will surly admire your sense of creativity.

Anyhow you have to place it somewhere if you want to make some calls as its strip blocks the ear receiver of your Smartphone.

At the end, we also want to put a free advice for you that don’t rush to Photojojo Store to buy one, as the lens accessory is out of stock until next year. Perhaps then, we can found it in various colours of our choices.



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