Motorola Xoom Tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich

 Motorola Xoom was in the market for surprises as it again took advantage to be the first to put something on its Tablet, after one day of Google released Android 4.0.3- Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade became the first Slate to run it.

Motorola Xoom was first to ship Honeycomb app back in February, though the Xoom users will be happy-but it have flaws at the time like the camera don’t work, GPS, Youtube HD playback not working and there seems to be a green overlay on the screen.
It may be a bad news for user but the early indication shows that it runs much better than Honeycomb on Motorola Xoom. Motorola Xoom users who want to update Android 4.0.3 on their Tablet can visit XDA developer’s website to get updates.



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