Google Translate- app adds Handwriting-Recognition for Android

Google has updated their Google Translate-app for Android devices adding handwriting-recognition now after voice-recognition added back in October. Google Translate app now have support for over 60 languages which is a great achievement and will grow with time.

However this the handwriting-recognition app is still in alpha stage and have support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish although not 100% accurate always for translating all words, but still better than having nothing.
Google Translate app update have better drop-down boxes to select language from which to translate and into target language, cleaner icons and layout, the input box has also improved and most important is conversion mode lets users communicate in different language.

Simply press microphone in conversion mode and start speaking in your language, Google Translate will translate it, in response the person on the other end will speak in his language and it will be translated loud in your language by Google Translate.
The app added dictionary items with translation “nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verb, adverb, interjection, conjunction, abbreviation…” – dedicated paste button for pasting, and shows continent languages… this app is really magical.



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