The FBI may use iPhones to identify suspects by fingerprint

Now FBI is taking advantage of iPhone Technology, if you have Apple's smartphone, or any other touch screen device, you're already well-versed in the shiny devices' ability to pick up fingerprints. But soon, criminals may experience the fingerprinting abilities of the iPhone in a whole new way, thanks to the FBI. 

A new accessory called the MobileOne will allow law enforcement to scan the fingerprints of suspects and instantly compare them against a national database of wanted criminals.

The MobileOne works with any retail iPhone and simply plugs into the port on the bottom of the phone. The add-on is equipped with a biometric scanner that can read a person's fingerprints in just a matter of seconds. Rather than taking a suspect into custody and running their prints in the traditional fashion, the device could allow quick scanning and potentially clear an individual within minutes, saving both time and money in the search for a criminal.



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