The web-connected robot Olly

Can you imagine if there were a way to add smells to the things you see every single day on the internet? The thought of that there scenario would induce nausea.  Primarily those who spend their days Surfing various rose gardens around the globe; it's just might be the extra dimension to surfing that they've been waiting for.

To find yourself tucked into that second camp, Olly is the web-connected robot that's capable of emitting smells based on inputs from the Net. The critter was dreamed up by Tim Pryde and the folks surrounding the Don-8r - Foundry.
For curious Ones, there's currently no way to purchase one, instructions are forthcoming to produce your own with a 3D printer. 

In fact, it's recommended that users build a few, stack 'em up and connect different inputs -- Twitter, Instagram, your mum's vegetarian cooking blog-- to each one. It's the perfect cacophony,or the perfect disaster, depending on your browsing habits.



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