iPhone 4S Apple Engineers Better The Battery

After reports and comments from numerous discontented users pointed out that iPhone 4S has serious issues with battery life, Apple engineers now try to diagnose and resolve the problem.

One user who expressed his discontent with battery life, dropping dramatically with 10% every hour in standby told the Guardian that a senior Apple engineer contacted him. Apple representative specifically looked for the disgruntled user after reading his post and asked a lot of questions about the iPhone trying to figure out what was wrong and in the end, Apple engineer asked the user to install a file on.

Apparently, this is not the first time, Apple technical teams ask this from iPhone 4S users. It seems not only that Apple admits the problem with battery life is real, but also, that Apple doesn’t have a clue about a solution. The fact that the monitoring the faulting phones starts just now, could indicate that a diagnosis is far from available.

iPhone 4S users complained on technology websites and on Apple since the beginning about poor battery life. So far, Apple declined to comment on the situation and technology writers came out with various solutions trying to help. Most of them suggested closing all background app, including Siri, Localization, disconnecting Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when not in use… Without the culprit being found, some blamed the battery issues on faulted contacts imported from Apple’s MobileMe or iCloud services, or from Google’s Contacts list. If the problem lies here, to address the situation users should delete and then reinstall them in order to fix the problem.



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