HP Releases Version 3.0.4 webOS Update for Touchpad Tablet

HP has been announced that the 3.0.4 webOS update is currently available for the Touchpad tablet. The update, available over-the-air, is highlighted by the ability to pair the tablet with non-webOS smart phones along with enhancements to Adobe Flash that include accelerometer support. The 3.0.4 update also adds a dedicated camera app, support for OGG Vorbis music files, online/offline messaging support and many other tweaks and fixes. 

The update (3.0.4) boasts a new camera application and allows the tablet to be paired with non-webOS based smart phones. When HP first launched its Touchpad, it shipped without a camera app and with regards to the second feature, using simple Bluetooth pairing will now allow users to connect to any Smartphone. The fact that the Touchpad could previously only be paired with webOS smart phones was a feature that received bittersweet comments from the world's technology media given that there aren't as many webOS smart phones in circulation. 

The update is also said to include performance improvements and tweaks to the user interface, both of which were concerns noted by reviewers who tested the Touchpad when it was first launched. 

While HP may have discontinued production of their Touchpad tablet, the company still appears to be concerned with webOS's future and development. Furthermore, the latest update should prove popular thanks to the included compatibility with other smart phones, especially since only webOS phones were previously supported



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