Dell XPS 15z – Bringing the feel of MacBook Pro.

The XPS line of laptops was always among the best looking out there, but the new 15z series has set a new standard for consumer entertainment laptops. With its aluminum housing and sleek lines, the XPS 15z looks a lot like the MacBook Pro – but let’s be honest, Apple’s design is the most generic metal design there can be – yes it looks very nice, it was the first one to appear and that’s why it set the standard, but it would be unfair to say that everything is a copy of the MacBook Pro

It’s been clear that Apple MacBook Pro is the leading one in the laptop industry. But there is no doubt that Dell XPS 15z will definitely make some interception with its metal textured aluminium chassis. Speaker placement has been done on the either sides of keyboard and it’s perfect housing for games, music and movies. DVD drive and most of the ports are placed in between the speaker and aluminum chassis. You can see the Input/Output ports in a same row on the left hand side of XPS 15z. There is no dedicated numpad space available in this dell’s super thin laptop. Rounded and square shaped keyboard buttons will definitely deliver a better typing experience.

Look of the XPS 15z from top is silver, which is the only color available to select yet. The roof surface is slightly rough, making the design fit for hand. So it is difficult to leave fingerprints and dirt. It is also peace of mind without worrying about dropping even someone with slippery hands

Here we include some images to display a bird eye view of Dell XPS 15z
XPS 15 z - TOP

XPS 15 z - LEFT

XPS 15 z - RIGHT

XPS 15 z - BACK



XPS 15 z - BACK



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