BlackBerry BBX OS

The new BlackBerry BBX OS: Just more of the sameInfoWorldAnother BlackBerry World or DevCon event, another set of promises and vision statements from Research in Motion executives as to the wonderful future in store for its dying BlackBerry platform.

This week, it was BBX, ...RIM's BBX has all the logic PlayBook should have hadRegisterRIM faces trademark dispute over BBX nameTG DailyRIM Runs Into Trademark Dispute Over BBX Name for Future OSPCWorldInquirer -Reutersall 120

A New Mexico software company is suing Research In Motion for trademark infringement over the name of their new mobile OS.

BASIS International develops and sells a programming language called BBx. BBX is also the name chosen for the new RIM OS which merges their older BlackBerry OS and more recent QNX.



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