10 Things You Need to Know about iPhone 4S, Infographic Inside

Apple’s new hit device, maybe the essential info got lost. BuyIJet.com recently brought to us in a visually appealing form (click for full size) all the main points to consider before purchase. The new camera reveals the first differences from the previous model:

1. an 8MP CMOS backside illuminated sensor which provides 73% more light and 33% faster capture than iPhone 4.

2. High-end IR filter allows pictures to have greater accuracy and higher uniformity.

3. Five-element lens let in a lot more light and a lower aperture of f/2.4.

 4. Apple designed Image Signal Processor provides face detection and auto white balance.

5. Video recording improved capabilities include 1080p HD video recording, video image stabilization, and real-time noise reduction.There are also additional reasons to consider an upgrade, if you haven’t already:

6. Dual-core CPU that is advertised to be up to seven times faster than the previous iPhone.

7. Siri: for most of the users this would be the main advantage of iPhone 4S. The portable virtual personal assistant, with speech-recognition technology packed in an ingenious software, allows the customers to “use their voice to send messages, set reminders, search for information and more…”

8. Battery life: not in all respects better than the one offered by iPhone 4, but Apple advertises 8 hours for 3G talk time, 14 hours for 2G talk time, 6 hours for 3G browsing, 9 hours for Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours for video watching and 40 hours for music listening. As shown in a recent report, Apple forgot to mention that iPhone 4 actually offered 100 more hours of standby time than its praised successor.

9. Data/download speed are two times faster with 4S than when using iPhone 4. Theoretical maximum performance is now at 14.4 Mbps download speed, provided carriers’ networks will allow that (recently, Sprint’s 3G network proved to be overwhelmed by the increasing number of users).

10. Price and availability: iPhone 4S is available for the subscribers of three major carriers at the same time, which never happened before with any iPhone, for the prices of $199 (16 GB version), $299 (32 GB) and $399 (64GB) and a two year contract with AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint. The unlocked versions will be available next month and interested buyers will have to pay $450 more than the subsidized price.



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