Skype 2.5 for Android Devices

Android Devices that support Video Calling over Skype V2.5, the VoIP service has tacked on another 14 Google-powered gadgets to its list of officially supported handsets and tablets. In addition to bringing support to phones like the Atrix, Bionic and Nexus One, Skype is inviting the Xoom, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Acer's Iconia to the party.

Video calls are working on other Honeycomb slates like the ASUS Transformer. The Skype 2.5 update also brings you additional video enhancements. Now you can switch between portrait and landscape mode during video calls, and zoom in with an easy double tap at the screen.
Bluetooth Handsets and included loads of bug fixes and function enhancements, which should further boost the user experience of Skype for Android for your phone.
Now Skype Video calling may also be available by default on several Motorola Devices including the Atrix 2.5 or Xoom 2.5. Download the updated Skype for Android app from the Android Market or using your Android phone’s browser.
 Moreover, as with our recent Mac and iOS update, there’ll be an advertising platform introduced on this iteration. Advertising aren’t shown to users that experience Skype Credit, a Calling or Skype Premium subscription.



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